About the Artist

Composer and pianist Eric Copeland conceived the Quiet Soul series from his love of relaxing, restful, yet meaningful and melodic music.

A respite from his other work as president of the many creative brands of Cre8iv Entertainment, Quiet Soul Piano offers him the chance to bring these simple yet beautiful melodies and piano arrangements to life.

For more about Eric Copeland as a composer, check out his site at http://www.EricCopelandMusic.com



An Uncommon Christmas (2022)

An Uncommon Christmas presents unique solo piano versions of songs you may know, and some more uncommon songs you may not know. From composer, arranger, and pianist John Eric Copeland. All is calm, and all is bright, but as usual with Quiet Soul Piano, everything is a bit different, unique, and good for the soul.

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A Perfect Day in NY Cover copy

A Perfect Day in NY (2020)

Recalling another Tuesday and a perfect day in New York City. A solo piano arrangement of the second movement of “Four Days in New York” by composer John Eric Copeland.

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Duetta (2017)

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Stolen Moments (2015)

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Volume One (2009)

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