Quiet Soul Piano Releases “Duetta”

The second album of new piano (and electric piano) recordings from composer and keyboardist John Eric Copeland.

Follow You, Follow Me is a solo piano cover of the Genesis song, complete with similar solo. Video on our Youtube page.

Fall Again gently floats to the ground like a leaf falling from a tree in autumn. Also a nice video on Youtube.

Requiem for Love is a song written directly after watching Downton Abbey episode where the character of Sybil died in childbirth.

A New Psalm is a piano cover of the beautiful tune by Mark Baldwin on several of his albums.

I’ll Miss You When I Wake Up was inspired by a line in the recent Disney film “Alice in Wonderland”. Before Alice leaves at the end, she tells the Mad Hatter, “I’ll miss you when I wake up.”

After the Storm was written…after a storm. So…yeah.

Away in a Manger is a medley of both versions of this classic Christmas hymn.

Because of Her is an old song played by improv group Wherever He Leads. Maybe there will be an album from that group one day.

Morning Story is a piano and bass duet celebrating the quiet, new start of the day.

Parallel Lives traces two lives that run along side each other, but never touch.

Listen to all the music here!

Follow Me, Follow You

Stolen Moments Re-Release

qs_smcover1000The seminal quietude of “Stolen Moments”. Originally released in 2001, pianist and producer Eric Copeland re-releases this under the Quiet Soul Piano brand.

Several songs are remastered with updated piano, bass, and percussion, including “Prelude” which features not only piano, but also pad and acoustic bass. Other songs with updated piano are “If You Were Me” and “Just for a Moment”, which is still the exact notes that were played as it was written. Also getting a face lift is the unique “Virtual Homes and Secret Gardens” with updated piano, upright bass, drums, and more.

Finally, there is a song added that did not make the original release in 2001. “You Saved Me” was originally written for this album as well, but for some reason did not make the cut. It has also been updated with new piano, acoustic bass, and percussion, with an new soaring piano solo.

We know you will enjoy this smooth music meant for quiet times, meditation, and prayer.

Click here to hear clips from all the songs and download.


From the Quiet Soul Piano Release “Stolen Moments”

This is one of the earliest solo piano songs I wrote. Before Stolen Moments, I had mainly put out jazz instrumentals and such on my Cooler CD. But piano songs like Prelude kept popping up, and this became the lead songĀ for the original Stolen Moments release.

While technically not solo piano since I added pad and acoustic bass, it still has that flowing feel, and I was able to apply newer updated piano and acoustic bass sounds to the original performance. See, that’s why you you save all those old MID and data files!

Anyway, it was a pleasure to hear this with better samples, and I’m glad I could share it in the form I always wanted it to be.

Solo Piano Series Vol 1

qsamazoncoverThe first album from Quiet Soul Piano is a collection of reflective Solo Piano songs for quiet, prayerful, and meditative times.

“Prelude” sets the stage for a soul searching experience. Coming in like a lamb, and bringing you to a quiet place, where you can stay if you like.

“Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us” is a haunting melody from the old Baptist hymnal, here given some minor melodic and chordal twists that soothe and smooth. As “By His Design” hits it’s first notes, now you’re deep in meditation, sensing the power of the creator, and leading you to a state “Of Clear Mind”.

“Mother and Child” is dedicated to the special maternal bond. With a call and response high and low to bring to mind the discourse of both.

We’ve all been just about to a goal, when something holds us back. That’s the theme of “Almost…But Not Quite”.

“The Savior is Waiting” is another song plucked from the hymnal, but yet subtly played and designed to relax.

“Another Stolen Moment” is a quiet respite before the listener enters “Dream Canyon”. A majestic, grand locale…where dreams come to rest.

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